【TOMO雙語爆】邁阿密暴走醉女 原來是醫師



她名叫Anjali Ramkissoon,在佛羅里達傑克森健康中心(Jackson Health System)擔任神經內科醫師,已經四年了。










You know that video of the apparently drunken woman freaking out with the Uber driver in Miami? Well, it turns out the woman in the video is a doctor. Yes - a doctor.

Her name is Anjali Ramkissoon and she’s a fourth-year neurology resident with Jackson Health System in Florida.

The video of the incident, which took place in the Brickell area of the city on Sunday has since gone viral, and already closing in on 1 million views.

And of course, this lead to Internet sleuths tracking her down and doing a dox dump on her.

Anjali’s social media’s accounts have gone dark, probably to avoid the legions of trolls wanting to call her out for her admittedly boorish behaviour.

But not before people managed to raid her social media accounts for photos, and a few hundred people managed to post comments saying what they thought of her.

Anjali has now been suspended by Jackson Health System, put on administrative leave and removed from all clinical duties pending an investigation.

Let’s just hope the disappointment of seeing her career now in jeopardy didn’t cause her to react in the same way as in the video.

But shouldn’t we cut her some slack? After all, she wasn’t arrested and did compensate the driver.

Or should she lose the career that she spent years working for because of one silly night?


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